Signs You Should Change Your Oil

Oil is crucial to the health of an engine, as it’s what keeps the different moving parts lubricated and cool. If there’s not a normal level of clean oil, then the engine can’t run, which could leave you without a working vehicle in Arlington or Fort Worth.

That’s why it’s important to know the various signs that you should change your oil. Our team at MINI of Arlington created this informative guide for drivers like you Irving, Dallas, and beyond to help you out.

Continue reading to see when an oil change should get done, and contact us to schedule one as soon as you can.

1. Change in Color and/or Texture

Clean oil is translucent and honey brown in color. Over time, the oil will pick up dirt and debris, causing it to become gritty and turn dark brown or black. When that happens, the oil filter can get overloaded, which leads to contaminants getting inside the engine and possibly damaging it.

2. Loud Noises from the Engine

One of the main jobs of motor oil is to lubricate the engine. Without that lubrication, the engine’s parts will start to grind against each other. You’ll know that’s happening when you start to hear a loud knocking sound under the hood while the vehicle is in motion.

3. Ticking Sounds When Starting Car

The moment you start your car, oil begins to circulate inside the engine. However, if the oil has the above-mentioned gritty texture, then this might take longer than normal.

In this case, you could hear a ticking noise as the engine is trying to warm up. This comes from the valves working to effectively move the oil.

4. Strong Oil Smell Inside the Cabin

If you smell oil inside your car, then there’s a good chance that there’s a leak somewhere. If you smell gas or exhaust fumes, as well, then your vehicle could be overheating. Either way, you’ll need to get it checked out right away.

5. Excessive Mileage

You may have traveled a lot more than usual recently, whether it for a business trip or family vacation. If so, then you may need to change your oil sooner rather than later.

While every car is different, it’s usually recommended to get an oil change every 5,000 to 7,500 miles for newer models under normal driving conditions. However, any time that you put an excessive number of miles on an automobile, you should anticipate needing an oil change in a timely manner.

6. Dashboard Warning Light

Most newer vehicles have an oil warning light that appears on the dashboard. However, older models usually just contain the check engine light.

Either light will appear when there’s not enough oil in the system. The easiest way to check the oil level is with the dipstick. Sometimes, the check engine light may appear as a worst-case scenario. This means that things have gotten so bad that the engine may fail from lack of lubrication.

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If your MINI Cooper is experiencing any of the above signs, then you’ll need to get an oil change as soon as possible. That way, it can continue to run well in Arlington, Fort Worth, Irving, or Dallas.

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