How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Unsure if you are due for an oil change? With different factors that play a part in determining when your oil should be changed, our team at MINI of Arlington is here to help you understand if and when it is time to have the oil changed.

As an important part of your car’s performance while driving around Arlington, Fort Worth, Irving, and Dallas, it is always a good idea to stay well informed of your engine oil’s condition.

How Long Does Oil Last?

How Long Oil LastsTo first get a sense of how often you should change your oil, you will first want to determine what type of oil is in your vehicle. There are two types of oil: conventional and synthetic. They each come with differences and their own set of benefits, but synthetic oil will usually last longer than conventional.

If your car is running on conventional oil, you will need to have it changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. With synthetic oil, it will usually last 7,500 to 10,000 miles before a change is needed.

Since those ranges vary, it is also important to understand how other factors can determine a more pinpoint interval of when to schedule an oil change. If you drive in a lot of congested traffic, the oil will wear at a faster rate than if you drive in less stop-and-go traffic. The weather can also have an effect on the longevity of your vehicle’s oil as well.

Why is My Engine Oil Important?

The oil that is in your engine has two very crucial jobs that help protect the engine and help it efficiently perform at its best. The oil is there to lubricate all the components of the engine.

With many fast-moving metal parts, the oil helps reduce friction among those parts and can prevent them from becoming damaged. Without enough or clean oil, those metal parts would start to grind against each other and cause issues that would result in more complex repairs needing to be done to the vehicle.

The oil also helps keep the engine at a safe temperature. Since all the components within the engine are also producing a lot of heat, the oil is designed to aid in dissipating that heat. An overheated engine also comes with a whole set of complications as well.

Signs it is Time for an Oil Change

Oil Change Dashboard LightHere are a few signs that may signal it is time to get an oil change:

  • Dashboard Light On: If you see a light illuminated on your dashboard representing your oil, it may be letting you know there isn’t enough oil in the car.
  • Dark-Colored or Dirty Oil: The engine oil should be an amber color when you check it. If you notice it is a darker color, thicker, and/or has many dirt particles in it, you should have it changed as soon as possible.
  • Loud Engine: If you happen to notice your engine making loud, unusual sounds, it could be that the oil has become too worn. This sound can be the result of those metals parts we mentioned rubbing against one another.

It is important to get in the habit of regularly checking your engine oil to make sure the levels and condition of the oil are good.

Getting My Oil Changed near Me

Have you noticed any of these signs when checking your engine oil? Have you hit one of these intervals since your last oil change? It may be time to have your oil changed then.

At MINI of Arlington, we can quickly change your oil with the proper type of oil that your vehicle needs to help continue to maintain your vehicle’s top performance around Arlington, Fort Worth, Irving, and Dallas. You can contact us today to schedule an appointment at our service center!